Our solutions begin with your needs

As the digital juggernaut rumbles forward, it becomes increasingly important that we stop and focus on whether we are making the most of these new digital opportunities – and whether we’re doing it without compromising the security of our digital infrastructure.

At Aeven, we work with a broad range of solutions that embrace all aspects of working with critical IT infrastructure. This means that when you work with us, it doesn’t matter if you prefer to have your IT localized on your own premises, in our data centers, in a private or public cloud, or in a hybrid of on-premise/in the cloud. We have the skills, technology, and experience to handle your needs.

Our areas of expertise

360-degree solutions - we advise, develop, operate, and support

Digital infrastructure is not a closed loop. Digital success requires an understanding of not only the technology, but how it affects and is affected by regulations, the organization and its structure, security considerations, and the nature of the core business itself.

Our people have unique domain knowledge and experience and collaborate efficiently to ensure you have the right specialists and the best solutions for your specific business requirements.

You, your pain points, and the needs of the organization are the center of our co-creative and strategic collaboration. These needs drive questions such as:

  • How do I ensure that our digital infrastructure supports the business' growth ambitions?
  • How do I modernize our operations and digital infrastructure for a flexible, hybrid reality?
  • Where should I locate our digital infrastructure so that it complies with legislation and my organization’s security requirements?
  • We have had breakdowns: How do I ensure that we don’t end up in the same situation again?

We're ready for a talk about your needs

If your company has specific requirements for your IT infrastructure, we’d love to meet up and discuss how we can help.

Portrait of Henrik Bjørn Rasmussen

Henrik Bjørn Rasmussen

Chief Commercial Officer