Digital Workplace

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Finally, a digital workspace that works with your security requirements

We provide remote working solutions fit for critical industries utilizing Microsoft 365, app and desktop virtualization, and Cloud PC.

The benefits of remote access, cloud-based services, and collaboration tools are well known. The question is, how do you implement these systems when you’re working within a highly regulated industry or have extraordinary security requirements? That’s where we can add value. We design and build digital workplaces that give you the fluidity and flexibility of SaaS products but with implementation that guarantees the highest levels of security and regulatory compliance.

Digital workplace

A virtual workplace with real benefits

Does your company take advantage of all the opportunities that a virtual workplace creates? With our Azure Virtual Desktop implementation, you can set employees free so they can work anywhere in any time zone. This ensures that you can retain and attract a global workforce and prepares you for a reality where climate change, natural disasters, and pandemics can disrupt physical workplaces.

Additionally, you can give external partners and suppliers access to your resources while keeping complete control over security.

Endpoint management that brings all devices together

Are your computers, smartphones, tablets, servers, IoT devices talking to one another? Do your users, software, and hardware play by the same rules? We help you establish and implement an endpoint management strategy that paves the way for secure, compliant and trouble-free installation, updating, and monitoring as well as remote administration and troubleshooting.

Microsoft 365 and beyond

We start by asking the right questions, so you can have the right solutions for the future: do you have a clear strategy for using Microsoft 365 products? How do you ensure data security and compliance in Teams? How do you manage the clutter of orphaned Teams that take up precious storage space? We can help you with all these challenges and more with our Digital Workplace Services.

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