Hybrid Cloud Services

Clouds casting shadows on the ground

Your business doesn’t need a cloud supplier, it needs a hybrid cloud partner

We make the effort to understand your business so that you get highly relevant hybrid cloud solutions tailored to your precise needs.

Some may see a move to the cloud as a natural evolution for all businesses, but in our experience, this one-size-fits-all approach ignores the specific needs of complex businesses.

This is where a hybrid approach comes into its own. It enables us to tailor a solution based on your needs by balancing the speed and agility of the cloud with the existing security and compliance standards of your on-site operations.

We prioritize solid engagement in every client relationship where we’re not afraid to ask tough questions in order to fully understand your business strategy and goals so we can provide private, public, or hybrid cloud solutions to meet them.

With in-house experts in all relevant fields, from cloud migration to security, we can advise, build, operate, and support your digital infrastructure and ensure that you avoid any pitfalls on your way to reap the benefits of cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Services

It starts with understanding your business

When you work with us, you might be surprised how far we go in order to really understand what drives your business. We work in small teams in collaboration with you throughout the entire journey to assess and prioritize the most urgent challenges so we can hit the ground running.

We can help you untangle the complexity

Moving to or integrating with public cloud will most likely involve every part of your business and might seem complicated. But with our Digital Estate Transformation Advisor, you get a fresh pair of eyes to give you a comprehensive overview – often exploring hidden challenges. We consider both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of a digital transformation when helping you plan your future journey, whether you are heading for an on-prem, hybrid or a native cloud setup.

Built to scale

The natural agility of cloud-based solutions means that things can scale fast. We can help you scale with our Cloud Delivery Framework, which supports your Cloud Center of Excellence in making the tough priorities and initiating the correct initiatives based on relevant and competent advisory. Further, our Cloud Transformation Model will ensure a 360 degree view on your needs, with a Repeatable-Factory approach to ensure that your transformation journey is efficient and relevant.

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