Support Services

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Support isn’t just about solving problems, it’s about adding value

We provide a single point of contact for all your IT infrastructure support needs from field services to Service Desk, AI powered Self-service and proactive support.

In the world of IT infrastructure, it’s easy to forget that our customers aren’t buying technology, they’re buying the value it provides. Our philosophy is that the support services surrounding the infrastructure play a huge role in protecting that value. The productivity of the best systems in the world can be impacted by inefficient support – a situation that also affects the motivation of your team.

That’s why we build our support services around the idea of a single point of contact, regardless of technology, function, or platform. Quick understanding of the problem and clarification of possible solutions are core tasks that are often solved most effectively via in-person interactions. However, we also believe that self-service, and AI powered services play a key role in a complete and efficient solution. In Aeven, we go even further, providing proactive support that can predict and prevent issues before they may occur.

Support Services

In person IT Support – a friend in need

When technically challenged, some users prefer simply to approach an expert in person. And so, for some user groups, on-site support is the right setup to go with for your organization. On-site, in-person support solves issues fast and provides a great experience for the end-user, to the extent that desk-side support can feel like an employee benefit.

To make this happen, our services include people highly skilled in not only IT, but business and communication skills too. From drop-in and desk-side support, to on-offboarding of users, conference and meeting room support, and IT hardware asset and life cycle management. In other words, we can create a comprehensive support suite for your organization.

Service Desk – your co-pilot to navigate your IT landscape

Most likely, you agree that it makes more sense that your employees use their time on their work rather than being passed from one support department to another. That’s why we’re driven by a single-point-of-contact philosophy that gives your people access to a highly skilled support team that not only knows the tech you’re using but has in-depth knowledge of your business and its processes too. Wherever your users are, our service desk can guide them on how to get their request resolved in the quickest way possible.

Self Service - Helping your colleagues help themselves

Some common problems can be solved without an interaction with a helpdesk, such as resetting a password or creating a new meeting room in outlook. Most end-users prefer these types of requests to be handled fast and automatically with least possible effort. Furthermore, automating these processes with AI powered chatbots and request & identity portals means that the human touch can be saved for instances where it really makes a difference.

We know that many users actually prefer to solve problems by themselves. All they need is the right guidance and an efficient way to find the right information fast. That’s why we make it possible to share our support knowledge with users through our self-service solution.

Proactive Support - Solving problems before they occur

In addition to offering full-service support for anything that does go wrong, we go the extra mile to prevent those things from going wrong in the first place. This proactive support service utilizes AI tools to predict potential issues and find solutions before a user ever encounters them. We also use trend analysis to map recurrent issues and resolve them before they spread throughout your entire organization.

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