Data, AI & Automation

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If you want the best AI Driven automation, start with outstanding human intelligence

We optimize your IT operations through smart process management, intelligent automation, and advanced data analytics.

By now, everyone knows that automation presents opportunities. At the base level, you can reduce errors and free up resources by automating processes. Taking this knowledge to a higher level, with the right thinking, you can unleash the power that hides in your data – power that can not only increase efficiency, but also unveil new opportunities that can provide competitive advantages.

To make the most of your data, automation, and AI solutions, you need to establish organizational structures that support a clear focus on realizing the benefits. And that requires human ingenuity.

Data, AI & Automation

An immune system for your IT infrastructure

Behind any growing company, you’ll find an IT system landscape that grows even faster in complexity. Therefore, the comprehensive monitoring of your IT infrastructure and applications is vital if you are to detect and automatically remediate potential issues proactively.

We understand the power of automation, monitoring and AIOps, and we know how to combine these elements together in an eco-system that ensures both a streamlined and healthy IT infrastructure.

From setting up your CMDB and configuring your IT Service Management, to backend automation and monitoring via our AIOps service, we use decades of hard-earned experience to tie together all your specialized functions with meaningful automation, relieving the load that IT interventions place on your workforce.

No API? No problem.

We offer Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as part of our shared service offerings and as a stand-alone service. This means that repetitive tasks on any application can be part of your automated workflow via front-end user interface automation. We handle robot development, hosting, operations & maintenance, as well as consultation services to ensure that RPA is tailored to your business needs.

Testing made simple

Our experience in life sciences and regulated industries means we not only understand the importance of testing but also the complexity it involves. Our fully validated testing management solution with end-to-end test case management, compliance reporting, digital signature, and consultation services, means that staying in control testing has never been simpler or more reliable.

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