Working remotely on secure devices

Security should empower your business. Not restrict it.

We provide cyber, IT, and physical security that is tailored to the specific needs of your business.

The world has never been so reliant on IT systems and the data it processes. And there have never been so many threats to its security as today. In this kind of environment, security might be used as a blunt instrument – nullifying risk, but also radically limiting business. We prefer the surgical approach. One that begins by understanding your operations, identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities, and then designing measures that give you peace of mind without compromising productivity or your business security and credibility.


Cyber hygiene

A blanket approach to cyber security might keep the hackers away, but it also restricts productivity. That’s why we solidly assist in evaluating, prioritizing, and advising in cyber hygiene by considering the unique needs of your operation before applying targeted measures such as the hardening of servers and implementation of secure segmentation.

Data protection

True data protection goes beyond GDPR. We assess all your business data and apply measures according to their criticality. Our aim is to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability for all aspects of your data management.

Critical infrastructure resilience

By focusing on specific critical themes and continual control testing, we can keep your applications up and running and maximize preparedness for all conceivable scenarios that might challenge the integrity of your infrastructure.

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Tell us about your business and we’ll tell you how to keep it safe and productive.

Portrait of Henrik Bjørn Rasmussen

Henrik Bjørn Rasmussen

Chief Commercial Officer