Data Centers

Data center computing racks

When it comes to your data, location matters.

We ensure security and compliance with hosting and housing data in our highly efficient, Danish based, ISO14001 certified, Uptime Institute Tier III data centers.

There used to be an attitude that it didn’t really matter where your data was, as long as it was safe. But in an age of increasing global instability, you need to feel absolutely certain that no unauthorized individuals or agencies have access to where your digital assets are physically stored.

In Aeven, we are the only IT services provider with Tier III, Uptime Institute certified data centers in Denmark. This not only ensures that your data stays secure, but that we can offer tailored solutions that global hosting can’t provide, and where sustainability is considered at every step.

Data Centers

Secure at every level

With all the focus on cyber security, it’s easy to forget that your data must reside in a physical location that also needs protection. We employ 24/7 physical security which means that a guard is always on duty, not just on call.

Multilayered security utilizing biometric scanning and mantraps keeps unwanted visitors out. And with dual redundancy, our own fiber infrastructure between data centers, plus generators with assured fuel agreements mean that whatever happens outside, your data stays safe.

The foundation of our hybrid reputation

Security or flexibility? Why not have both? Our expertise within hybrid solutions paired with our unique ability to offer the most secure and resilient hosting services mean that your business can be agile enough to grasp opportunities without compromising the safety of your data.

Solid security. Flexible solutions

Just because our security is among the highest available from an IT services provider, it doesn’t mean your data is held back. Because we own and run our data centers with our own people, we can accommodate a large range of custom requests.

Need us to maintain your IT/OT infrastructure? Perhaps you have particularly high security needs. Or perhaps you require specific documentation for compliance purposes. We can help.

Balanced sustainability

There’s no escaping the fact that keeping the data on which the health, wealth, and security of millions depends uses a lot of energy. That’s why it is imperative for us to explore energy-efficient and low-energy solutions and to guarantee that our electricity comes from certified renewable sources – all without compromising the integrity of your data.

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